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Fire of Jealousy movie

Fire of Jealousy

Production companies

Garuda Film, Usaha Sama Pengedar Utama Sdn Bhd



Action, Drama, Crime

runtime Genre revenue
96 min Action 0 USD

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After Ratna is raped in front of her husband, Johan, the newlyweds’ relationship becomes distant. Then, it is found out a week after that Ratna is pregnant. Johan insists that the foetus be aborted though the doctor determines that the baby is not a result of the rape. Efforts and advice from friends and parents fail to mend their relationship and so they separate. Before returning to her hometown, Ratna sees her friend Maya, who she once advised to break free from the bad influence of Patrick, and now lives supported by an old businessman. Maya finds out that the culprit behind the rape is Patrick, who wants revenge against Ratna since she advised Maya to leave him. When he realizes that his secret is known, Patrick kills Maya and intends to do the same to Ratna. In the middle of the struggle, Johan coincidentally comes home and manages to stab Patrick with his own knife and Ratna finishes him off by hitting him with a heavy object. Johan and Ratna are reconciled.

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