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Bury Me High

Production companies

Tsui Siu Ming Productions, Bo Ho Films, New Dawn Pictures



Action, Adventure

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102 min Action 0 USD

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In a mountainous region in an Asian backwater banana republic, it is said that the descendents of all those buried in its earth will be blessed with fantastic fortune and good health. However, if a special ceremony is not performed on the grounds, then the luck will only last for 24 years. A trio of Chinese Americans decide to venture into these mountains hoping to change their luck; Anna Wong (Moon Lee) is an executive facing a corporate meltdown, Wisely (Chin Ka-Lok) is dying of brain cancer, and UCLA Prof. Chang (Tsui Siu-Ming) is an expert in feng shui. Tin can potentate General Nguen (Yuen Wah) also has designs on the grounds -- hoping to turn his third world, fourth rate country into a superpower. Along the way, the three heroes fall in with a group of local rebels, including the high-kicking Nguen Van Vong (Sibelle Hu).

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