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Killer Barbys vs. Dracula streaming


Killer Barbys vs. Dracula movie

Killer Barbys vs. Dracula

Production companies

Quiet Village Filmkunst, Impacto Films


Kiss me, Vampire!


Horror, Comedy

runtime Genre revenue
86 min Horror 0 USD

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The Killer Barbies are playing at Tivoli World, a Wild West park in Spain. Komrade Irina and Komrade Ivan Ivanovich arrive from Transylvania, bringing with them the "dead" Count Dracula to be placed on display. After hearing the Killer Barbies, however, Dracula awakens, falls in love with Silvia (who looks like Charo on a bad hair day), and decides to make her his own. Realizing that they have a vampire on their hands, park owners Pepe Morgan and Martin Fierro call in the world famous, blind vampire hunter, Dr Seward. While Seward tries to track Dracula with his nose, Dracula manages to knock off a few cast members -- a faux Dracula, Bela, an acrobot with orange hair, and both Komrades Ivan and Irina. When Dracula tries to bite Silvia during a performance, Dr Seward decides to use Silvia as bait. He sends her out walking alone. When Dracula follows, they pursue and stake him. Dracula metamorphs into a white rabbit and hops away.

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