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After an enraged Rohit Bajaj fires his employee, Raghu Patkar, a male named Vicky Sinha, rescues Rohit's wife, Neha, when her car explodes. A grateful Rohit and his sister, Sanjana, permit Vicky to move in with them in their mansion. Subsequently, Vicky and Sanjana fall in love but quite surprisingly this does not auger well with Neha and she reprimands her sister-in-law. Shortly thereafter Sanjana finds out that Neha and Vicky were former lovers and informs her brother. Then Sanjana falls from the second floor, is injured and gets hospitalized. When she regains her senses, she informs Rohit that Vicky had attempted to kill her. An enraged Rohit assaults Vicky, and is subsequently arrested. After a trial through the courts, Vicky is able to prove that Sanjana's fall was accidental, and Rohit is warned to stay away from Vicky. With Rohit not permitted to even come close to Vicky - what will stop the latter from having his way with both Neha and Sanjana?

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