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Dalmatians 3

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Dingo Pictures


An unlicensed spiritual sequel to Disney's 101 Dalmatians.


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The three little Dalmatians lived with an old lady just outside of town. One day they overheard the neighbor talking about a market selling gingerbread, cotton candy and many other goodies. "Gingerbread," beamed Krümel. "Our old lady loves to eat gingerbread!" "Me too," said the icing on the cake. "We'll go to the market and get a gingerbread heart," suggested Krümel. “And then we'll give it to our old lady for her birthday.” But the trader in the market had no sympathy for three little Dalmatians who just wanted to put their gingerbread hearts in their pockets. He called the police and had the dogs taken to an animal shelter. Only the icing on the cake could escape and she decided to free her friends.

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