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He has nothing to lose, but everything to protect...


Action, Thriller, Thriller

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Ramel Carter (Louie P) is a former bodyguard of a scientist whose dying wish was for him to protect and deliver a formula to the one person that could possibly finish his work. When a mysterious man named Alex Riley (Chris Greene) offers a hefty sum for the documents, but when he is turned away he enlists a group of henchmen to abduct Ramel's wife Samantha (Cienna Jade). Ramel has five hours to deliver the document or his wife is killed. With the help of his close friend Elliot (Jelani Jeffries) Ramel is able to track Riley's location where he must; fight his way through numerous henchman including Riley's hired man, kick-boxer Chris Knight (Darren Holmquist) in order to get to save her before time runs out. Special Guest appearance by the Independent Wrestlers "The Amazing Graysons" as part of Alex Riley's henchmen hired to catch Ramel.

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