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Hishoka Drop - Utsukushiki Ai no Toride streaming


Hishoka Drop - Utsukushiki Ai no Toride movie

Hishoka Drop - Utsukushiki Ai no Toride

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Kyoko and Kayo escaped the fire from behind. But kicked out the apartment introduced by the company To be taken care of by a homeless grandfather. Kyoko who can't see introduces a new apartment. On the day of moving, Saio was waiting for me when I greeted the landlord. The new apartment was belonging to Saori... At the company, managing director Momokawa was trying to take over the company. The relentless cost reduction and restructuring were carried out. Saori's former workplace “Fukutomi Foods” was one of them. Saori becomes Managing Director of Momokawa to protect Fukutomi Foods volunteer activities Judge the time. Momokawa demands Saori's shares of Fukutomi in exchange for his survival... The mysterious stock certificate in the name of Saori and the president who appeared... When all mysteries can be solved, Saori and Houdai...

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