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Johnny 2.0

Production companies

Pebblehut Productions, Spectacor Films, Promark Entertainment Group


They can clone his body... but can they clone his soul?


Science Fiction, TV Movie

runtime Genre revenue
94 min Science Fiction 0 USD
TV Movie

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When Dr. Johnny Dalton awakens, after being beaten by a group of eco-terrorists who were vandalizing his lab at biotech firm Azina, his business partner Frank Donahue tells him him that 15 years have passed and Johnny is merely a clone of himself. He's been created to track down the real Dr. Dalton who has disappeared, taking with him Azine's most devastating discovery as well as the key to disarming Johnny's genetic time-bomb. Johnny is captured, however he finds an ally among the rebels in Nikki Holland, leading him to the real Dr. Dalton, who reveals secrets about Azine, Donahue and the mysterious Mr. Bosch that are far more shocking than anything they ever expected. This futuristic thriller takes the concept of genetic engineering to a whole new level, and into a frightening world that may be just over the horizon.

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