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Tombé du nid movie

Tombé du nid

Production companies

TF1, Gaumont Télévision



TV Movie, Drama, Comedy

runtime Genre revenue
95 min TV Movie 0 USD

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Max, a teenager, is having a difficult time coming of age. At 16, he is constantly in conflict with his parents. His father, Yvon, a lock and alarm manufacturer, does not understand this rebellious son. Worried about his future, he drowns Max's ambitions in a clumsy speech. Himself a bit clumsy, he doesn't know how to show him his affection. A gap is growing. One day, Max goes out without his parents' permission to attend a party organized by a friend. There, he meets his first true love, Audrey. But the young man is also insolent and is soon expelled from his school. His father reacts violently, and the teenager decides to run away.

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